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Marco Bruto 1005 / 5

C.P. 11.300

Montevideo, Uruguay


Industrial Property Agent

(Ministry of Industry and Energy, República Oriental del Uruguay.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Formation Professionnelle

University of República Oriental del Uruguay, Law School.

Newport International University (NIU), United States of America, California

BSc in Business Administration w/e Intellectual Property.

PhD in Business Administration w/e in Intellectual Property - Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Recherche et conferences

1994, Montevideo, Uruguay, Participant of the round table of discussion: Aptitudes and requirements of registrable signs. ASIPI.

2001, Montevideo, Uruguay, Presentation of a research paper on Intellectual Property Seminar entitled: Domain Name.

2002, San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Presentation of a paper in the X Workshop and Administrative Council of ASIPI, called Brand Valuation.

2003, Ciudad de México, Presentation in the XV Congress ASIPI named: Image Rights.

2004, Pelotas, Brazil, Invited to speak in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Río Grande del Sur in the IV Cycle of Lectures on Intellectual Property named Comparison Analysis of Intellectual Property in the Mercosur.

2005, Montevideo, Uruguay, Invited by the Universidad ORT Uruguay Engineering School to present the lecture Copyright, Trademarks and Patents of Invention.

2005, Río de Janeiro, Brazil Invited as speaker: Propiedade intelectual: Plataforma para a inovação, seu valor para o desenvolvimento” by the IDS Institute Dannemann Siemsen.

2006, Montevideo, Uruguay, Speaker: Intellectual property rules and treaties, TLC. Roundtable programs. Organized by INTA International Trademark Association.

2007, Montevideo, Uruguay 2007, Montevideo, Uruguay Universidad ORT Uruguay, participation as invited exhibitor to the Cycle of lectures on “Ethics in Intellectual Property”.

2007, San Pablo, Brazil, conference INTA ASIPI, “Trademark Dilution”.

2007, Montevideo, Uruguay, AUDAPI INTA ASIPI, Coordination of round table, “Current and future situation of the Uruguayan Trademark Office, Perspectives on new treaties and conventions”.

2008, Montevideo, Uruguay Universidad ORT Uruguay, participation as invited speaker at the Cycle of lectures on “Ethics in Intellectual Property”.

2010, Montevideo, Uruguay, AUDAPI, conference “Border measures in Latin-America”.

2011, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, ASIPI, “Trademark Offices in Latina: Advances y Retreats”.

2009-2012, INTA Publications /Updates on Trademark Cancellations and Procedures 2011 for Uruguay.

2012, Switzerland, Geneva, WIPO, conference “Use of trademarks in Internet: Problems and Solutions” TRADEMARKS AND INTERNET, INTERNET AND TRADEMARKS: A permanent dialogue.

2012, Montevideo, Uruguay, Antipiracy Chamber of Uruguay, "Opening of the Conference on Anti-Piracy of Uruguay".

2013, Río de Janeiro, Brazil, ABPI, XXXIII International Congress of Intellectual Property of ABPI, Speaker: Is the harmonization of rules possible in Latin America?

2014, Cancun, México, AMPPI Third International Meeting, Speaker: International Tendencies from the Perspective of Professional Associations. Conference: “Tactical and Strategy: PI Trends and Perspective from ASIPI’s point of view”.

2014, México City, Seminar AMPPI-ASIPI-ANADE, Speaker: Opposition system in Uruguay.

2014, Santiago, Chile, VII Jornadas ACHIPI 2014, Speaker: Registration and use: the new couple in industrial property?    

2014, San Pablo, Brazil, XXXIV ABPI Congress “XXI Century: the constant change of Fluid Trademarks and its relation with Traditional Trademarks”.

2014, Montevideo, Uruguay, Conference “Trademark Breakfast”, Register and Use of Trademarks in Uruguay.          

2014, Mexico, AMMPI, conference “That nobody register that trademark?, Third Party Opposition, Uruguay”

2015, Buenos Aires, WIPO/SAIC Round Table “ The importance of Branding and the Trademark System in a Global Market”

2015, Milan, Italy, AIPPI: Food Design: how to project it worldwide? Presentation: Eat with all the senses. Food Design.

2015, Ecuador, WIPO. IEPI Regional Seminar on PCT and Budapest Treaty. Presentation ASIPI Works: Latin American view on the PCT.

2015, Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, AIPPI, World Congress, Moderator: Non Traditional Marks sounds like a Mark, smell like a Mark…

2016. Uruguay, Conferencista en el Seminario: La Propiedad Intelectual en el marco de los TLC. Cámara de Representantes del Uruguay, Comisión de Asuntos Internacionales.

2016 Uruguay, 2 DESAYUNO A LA MARCA, Conferencista Truco o Trato, tus Marcas y el TLC.

2017, Brasil, ABPI, Conferencia We have a problem. 

2018, Brasil, ASIPI, presentation del Taller "El Negocio del Fútbol: Abogados y Leyes en el centro del campo.

2018, Uruguay, OEPM, Conference  VI Seminario regional: Elementos de Impacto en la Construccion de la Marca País y su relación con la Propiedad Intelectual.

2018, Uruguay, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Conferencista en el III Foro sobre la observancia de los Derechos de PI.


1995: International Treaties in the field of Intellectual Property, Compiler by Uruguay.

2002: Industrial Property Journal,  Published by the Ministry of Industry and Energy No. Uruguay December 7, 2002: "Valuation of Brands".

Journal Asipinforma

2013:  2013 Edition of Themis “Trademarks and Internet, Internet and Trademarks: an ongoing dialogue”.

2015: Managing Intellectual Property, 9,2015, 252,  ‘How to Protect food design in Uruguay’

Membre des associations professionnelles

International Associations:

ASIPI  Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property - President, 2012-2015

INTA International Trademark Association.  International Trademark Association.  

        Public and Media Relations Committee

        Latin America Subcommittee - Subcommittee Chair

Programming Advisory Council

ICC International Chamber of Commerce, Uruguay Ambassador Intellectual Property Chapter.

AIPPI  International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.


AUDAPI Uruguayan Association of Industrial Property, Past President (2004-2008).







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